Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Time to crack on, so up next is the Y-axis. This is basically the "tray" that stuff is printed onto. Of all the parts it was the most annoying/fiddly to assembly, so many washers and bearings at funny angles.  Here you can see the two sets of bearing assemblies that the Y-bars slide through. The two blocks in the middle of the clear acrylic sheet are

belt clamps.

Here is a better view of the bearing assemblies, as you can see all funny angles. Getting all of the bearings to run smoothly and not foul on random bits of plastic was a pain, but once it was all tensioned it ran very smoothly.

The four bolts in the middle hold the purge plate and y-opto flag, but I don't have them yet :(

So that's another piece done, just the z-axis and frame to go!


  1. Dont forget to make a jig, from your black threaded rod and two washers and four nuts when you make the frame.

    Best regards,