Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Now the building starts, the wiki recommended starting with the extruder, but I'm missing a few bits (nichrome wire etc) so I decided to start with the x-axis.  I started with the Z-axis bearing (the Z-axis guide bar runs through the two washers in the photo, while one of the threaded drive rods runs through a trapped nut).

I then moved on to the extruder carriage, you can see the extruder stepper mounted here (the black box).

Time for the other Z-bearing assembly, here you can see the top set of 3 bearings that trap the z-axis. The x-axis stepper and drive belt were next to be added.

Et voila! One X-axis fully assembled, the action is very smooth and it's a lot more rigid than I was expecting.

Here you can see the extruder carriage, and how it sits on the supporting rails.


  1. You have the motor mount upside down.
    The motor should be on top pointing down not the way that you have it!

  2. Pardon my ignorance, but doesn't that belt look a little loose? How tight should it be? Perhaps this is an application for the clothespin belt tightener?

  3. You are both right, I think that I put the carriage on upside down, I will flip it over now. I left the belt loose as I was just test fitting it,I obviously forgot to tighten it! Woops. Thank you both.