Sunday, 18 April 2010


Welcome to AberRap, yet another reprap blog! This blog will follow the construction, operation and hopefully tweaking and improving of a reprap Mendel. 

So what is a reprap Mendel? Well wikipedia says:

"The RepRap Project is an initiative aimed at creating a largely self-replicating machine which can be used for rapid prototyping and manufacturing. A rapid prototyper is a 3D printer that is able to fabricate three dimensional artifacts from a computer-based model.".

The Mendel is the second generation or "new and improved" version of the original Darwin reprap machine, it is less prone to jams and is basically "better, faster and stronger"! I got the mechanical parts (printed parts, studding, bars, nuts/bolts,belts and stepper motors) from Laszlo at If you are interested in making one yourself definitely drop him an email, he's a great guy and really helpful. 

Now that the obligatory introduction is done, on with the build!

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