Wednesday, 11 August 2010


So while I'm not making much progress I thought I would write a bit about the resources I have been using. The main one which helped a lot during the build phase was


There you can find information on what you need to build a reprap, how to build it and how to test it. You can also find links to most of the firmware needed for the electronics and the arduino software needed to edit the firmware and upload it.

The only thing that I found hard to find was the details of the particular type of electronics I had. I bought a complete set, the TechZone Remix which is a 3rd generation set. The two wiki links I have been using are:


Neither are particularly complete but they were very helpful when assembling/testing the electronics and in particular when flashing the firmware.

Other than that the arduino site ( was probably the only other place I turned to for information.

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