Wednesday, 16 June 2010

More electronics fiddling

Some more progress, I've had a chance to test the rest of the electronics (yay). There seems to be some kinda problem with the extruder board, I cant program it as it keep complaining about sync issues. So I've left that for the moment. Instead I've been working on testing all the steppers/stepper drivers etc. Heres a quick video of each of the axis moving.

Once I had tested those, I moved on to the opto end-stops. I only had time to test the Y axis one, but that worked fine (video below). However I did blow up one of the end-stops in the process which will teach me not to trust circuit diagrams and just use a multimeter!

So tomorrow I will try and get the x end-stop in place then maybe try and repair the one I broke. Then I will have to sort out the extruder driver board, not sure where to start with it but hopefully it's fixable.

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  1. Come on Tom, I want to play with it... finish it and bring it into the office please ;-)