Thursday, 27 May 2010


So I could a nice note from Royal Mail today asking me to pay £30.95 worth of "Customs charge", while that in itself is rather annoying, what I'm hoping is that it's the electronics finally getting here! We shall see.


  1. This is kind of obvious thing. Any goods worth more then 20EUR is supposed to have customs on it, if it comes outside of the EU.
    (The 20EUR limit is sure for Hungary, but maybe it differs in UK).

    By customs I mean, you need to pay VAT, custom and handling charge. So when I bought plastics from Switzerland, I needed to pay ~120EUR, even when there is 0% custom! (still you need to pay VAT and handling charge.)

    This is the exact reason why it does not make sense to me, to sell reprap related things outside of EU.

    To be exact: I can sell things, which
    1. worth less then 20EUR
    2. weight less then 500g

    And I even didnt counted the enourmous shipping charge...

    You learned the hard way, just like me...

    Best regards,

  2. The problem with Royal Mail though is that often their handling fee is much greater than the actual VAT they are collecting.

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